4 things to know about 5G

From Phones to Laptops, anything in the tech world has seen rapid increase in speed. The wireless broadband technology too is promised to see a huge uplift in speed with the release of 5G, which is something tech companies have been promising us for quite some time now. With a few years before its launch, here is a few things you need to know about 5G:

1. Fast – Has been redefined

LTE has been quite up to its standards, but imagine something many many times faster than that. The highest speed in the US on average have been recorded in Mbps, approximately 19.42 Mbps, whereas 5G promises Gigabit speeds.
Snapdragon X50, Qualcomm’s first 5G modem can support speed up to 5 GB/second, this has left the speed of LTE way behind. It’s something that has never been witnessed before and the best part is that this is the first of its kind, which will only make way for improvements and better devices.

2. Fast & More Effective

Apparently speed is not the only thing that is changing, what will also change is better data connection. The days where reception and signals at remote places are difficult will be history. With the introduction of 5G if you’re at home or at an event; data connection would no longer slow down or go off.
Ever wondered why you face problems with your data at parties or crowded events? It’s mainly because 4G networks can only support a certain number of devices. With 5G the range has been multiplied and at the same time it supports low-latency which would allow devices to communicate faster.

3. It’s much bigger than just Phones

What makes this even more exciting is that phones are not the only things that would benefit. The bigger picture is that this technology will be available for self-driving cars. Lower Latency will allow cars to communicate with their surrounding environment easily, which would make the entire process extremely swift and fully autonomous.
On the other hand, common day-to-day tasts such as Social Media, video calls etc. will see a great deal of change as well.

4. Everything good comes at a Price

With this being the next big thing, the prices are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Companies are refraining from committing to a price for now, yet $20-$30 should be an average amount. This however comes with some Silver Lining, where expectations are these prices won’t be jacked up for long. In the long run, our competitive environment and new devices will play an essential role in bringing down the prices.

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