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Apple HomePod sounds extremely incredible, works with Apple Music, Siri is still meh, and it requires an iOS gadget to set up. The end, correct? Not exactly. The main HomePod surveys have uncovered a couple of intriguing things that could conceivably influence your feeling on Apple's first savvy speaker.

1. Play podcasts at 1.5x or 2x speed

Similarly as there are speed perusers, there are speed podcast audience members. Ask any in-your-face podcaster how they have sufficient energy to tune in to such huge numbers of podcasts and they'll reveal to you their little mystery: accelerate the sound.

On HomePod, podcasts can be played at 1.5 or 2x speed, as indicated by BuzzFeed. Alexa, lamentably, doesn't know a similar trap.

2. Setup is doltish simple

You know how blending Bluetooth speakers can be a gigantic undeniable irritation when your gadget can't identify the speaker or the other way around?
Clearly, all you have to begin the HomePod setup process is hold your iPhone up by it. A progression of cards will show up on your iPhone and begin connecting to the greater part of your iCloud and Wi-Fi arrange settings. In the event that there's anything Apple knows how do to right, it's making setup a breeze.

3. Can't set two clocks without a moment's delay

The capacity to set numerous clocks with an Echo or Google Home makes these two keen speakers an incredible sidekick in the kitchen.
Be that as it may, for reasons unknown Siri can't do likewise on HomePod. The Verge's Nilay Patel was entirely offended by this oversight. Fingers crossed Apple will include this usefulness in a future programming refresh. Shouldn't be so difficult.

4. Can't call you an auto or request a pizza

You presumably shouldn't be stunned by this. Yet, there aren't some outsider administration reconciliations with Siri. HomePod can't call you a Uber or request you a pizza like Alexa can. What great is a shrewd speaker in the event that it can't resolve your each first world issue with a voice order?

5. Can't perceive diverse voices

Moan. Perceiving diverse voices and afterward changing to various records is yet something else the HomePod can't do that its opposition can.

Siri might be incredible at tuning in for its summon even finished uproarious music, however it can't differentiate between you, your mother, or your meddlesome companion you welcomed over for a sleepover. That is a disgrace since it implies it just backings one iCloud account and that is it. Need to add a remark possess shopping list yet not your spouses? Unfortunate news.

6. Siri is gadget mindful

What happens when you have different gadgets that react the "Hello, Siri" voice order? Indeed, it turns out yelling for Apple's voice aide won't trigger the majority of your gadgets.

Jim Dalrymple at The Loop says Siri "surveys the greater part of your gadgets over Bluetooth to make sense of which gadget should deal with your demand."

For example, on the off chance that you raise your wrist and say, "Hello Siri," the joined gadgets will accept you need Siri on your Apple Watch. In case you're utilizing your iPhone, at that point you most likely need that gadget to react. In case you're simply sitting, not touching any gadget, at that point HomePod will assume control.
Entirely keen!

7. Companions won't spoil your Apple Music

HomePod was intended to work with Apple Music, which always takes in your music tastes and after that discovers melodies you may like. In any case, one thing you don't need is your companions playing their music on your HomePod and basically preparing it to favor their music inclinations.
Likewise from The Loop's audit:
There is a setting in the Home application that enables you to keep the music played on HomePod from influencing the "For You" area of Apple Music.

8. Might recolor your ledge

Pocket-Lint set up their HomePod on a "strong oak kitchen worktop treated with Danish oil" and wouldn't you know it, the keen speaker's deserted a round ring inside minutes.
Inside 20 minutes the HomePod had caused a white stained ring to show up on the wood that some days after the fact has blurred, albeit still hasn't totally vanished.
Your mileage may fluctuate, however; HomePod may not recolor different sorts of wood or surface material.

9. Liners and HomePod don't blend

To counteract ring stains, Pocket-Lint set their HomePod on a napkin... furthermore, it exacerbated the sound. So perhaps don't put it on a liner.

10. There's no physical quiet mic catch

The Echo and Google Home both have catches you can press to quiet their mouthpieces. It's a decent method to ensure the mouthpieces aren't listening when you don't need them to. On HomePod, the best way to quiet its mics is to utilize a voice summon, as indicated by the Wall Street Journal. Womp.

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