Did You Know? Apple Air Pod can Explode?

With not everything going Apples way off late, another explosive allegation will do them no good!

Apple agreeing to slow down their older phones’ batteries was as bad as it could get. Things, however, got worse when one of Tampa’s residents claimed to witness his Apple AirPods blow up whilst his workout at the gym.

Jason Colon from Tampa was at the gym listening to dance music when one of his wireless Air Pods started throwing out white smoke. He immediately left the ear phones on some workout equipment in panic to witness it dismantle gradually. Within a few minutes the Right AirPod was in pieces. Colon was devastated, yet happy that he was able to get them out in time. According to him, if he didn’t act promptly this could have had his ear lobes burned.

This has been one of the only incidents heard of this brilliant addition to the Apple Family, and there could be other factors involved that caused its occurrence. Nonetheless, it’s only safe to say that more incidents could be on the way especially with what was witnessed off the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

While this is under investigation by Apple and that they have taken this claim seriously, we at AppShah advise all our readers to be careful whilst using these devices and any such incident should be acted upon promptly.

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Team AppShah