The Internet of Things

Renewing every aspect of human life, IOT is reshaping the world for a smarter more intuitive approach to life. A wide-spread connection of devices to the internet, together, delivering an immense range of services to people, from business mobility to smart city projects. Research shows that day-to-day uses of IOT in your home or your business will become inevitable by 2020. These devices will be different and range from sensors and security cameras to vehicles and production machines and a lot more. And it is expected that there will be 14 billion connected devices by 2022. With its unstoppable advancements, IOT is expected to attract a huge market in the coming decade. To facilitate immediate IOT needs, Appshah is prepped with an optimized process & specialized designed arsenal of tools to facilitate oncoming challenges.

To give your IOT app idea the spark it needs, we work closely with affiliates to provide a solution that truly sets you apart, both for design & development of the app as well as your hardware. Allowing your business to flourish with business centric IOT ideas empowered by your hardware design concept by:

  1. Making them a Reality
  2. Promoting the Product and thus the Business
  3. Monitoring Target Audience response by foot traffic on the app and making actionable analytics reports for scalable changes

Submerge yourself in the world of IOT