We eat, sleep, and breathe mobile apps. It’s who we are. We create the kind of apps that people love & are used over & over again.

Mobile App Strategy

Building a strong foundation is pivotal. We like to begin by researching your needs and learning your business goals. Through an expeditious discovery and ideation process, we help our clients outline their MVP, a long-term strategy and align our teams. First, the strategy. This strategy should be geared toward standing of the test of time (or just the defined period). To ensure the mobile strategy is in line with the business’ overall direction, we set parameters. First we determine the type of your business, your product(s), targeted audience(s) & goals that you wish to achieve over time. Next, at discovery phase, we discover KPI’s, review the product(s), analyze the type of users, their behavior, review product positioning and document it and build the strategy on these pillars. The MVP is next! To create the MVP Blueprint, we first understand the core fundamentals and driving factors to make the app. Once identified, we create a set of preliminary actionable objectives and key markers which form the basis of the MVP. After which, we magnify the core value of brand or business through the services to be provided through by assimilating an embellishing experience centered on the aforementioned objectives.

Mobile App Design

Giving your app a face and planning out the user experience in the app comes is the next stop on your journey. Here, our design team works with you to create a visually captivating look and feel, one which extends & elevates your business’ image. Design concepts are shared on a bi-daily to weekly basis until design perfection isn’t achieved. At the end of this tunnel, we unveil an interactive design level prototype for you to touch and use on your mobile device or tablet. This allows you to take the designs for a quick test drive and give us feedback that improves the app even further. Once we’ve finalized everything here, we move on to the magic.

Mobile App Engineering

Turning that design prototype in to tangible functionality. Our development engineers take over here. During the course of this phase, we receive an Alpha Build, Pre-beta Build & Beta Build, each of which allow for corrective measures and refinemint as we move along the way. Html5, Unity 3D, Java, object-C or Cocos2D are just a few of the tools that help us breathe new life in to ideas and give the great ones their due. We involve other platforms for support in creating a strong backend and a visual rendition of valuable insights are apps Flurry, MixPanel. Not to mention developing frameworks through tools like Xamarin and Cardova.